Mohd Afham Bin Azmi

Posted on 2017-12-14 11:36:48

scammer bagi fake tracking no!!!

scammer bg fake tracking no..cek dgn poslaju no rekod...try msg scammer bnyk kali tp x reply dh..kol pn x agkt..


Posted on 2018-02-07 06:16:12


1) SCAMMER ALLERT Mohammad Yusoff bin Nawawi CIMB - 7009520367 Maybank – 162441148444 2) Active PS4 Scammer on Carousell & 3) He is a very professional scammer but yet no brain at all. 4) When you enquire on the shopping website, he will request you to chat on the whatsapp. 5) He frequently changed the phone number ‘for scam purpose’. Based on my investigation, these are the two numbers he used before. HP 1: +60 16-267 2456 HP 2: +60 13-386 6926 6) His technique is always be the same. After you have transferred the money to him. 7) He will send you a fake and untraceable tracking number 8) When you check with him on the status of the parcel, he will give you all the nonsense. 9) Well, I have lodges a police report. Let’s stand up together. If you have been cheated, please don’t keep silent, work hand in hand, and we can stop all this scammer from scamming people. Mohammad Yusoff bin Nawawi CIMB - 7009520367 Maybank – 162441148444 BEWARE OF THIS GUY!!!

Normal Citizen

Posted on 2018-04-04 01:19:15

Scammed by Mr. Muhammad Yusoff Bin

I was surprised that I am scammed by this guy here in Malaysia. I know that people here in Malaysia are trusted. That's why I am confident doing online transactions. This serves a warning to everyone to check the background of the person you are doing transactions.



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