Azrul Aizad

Posted on 2017-08-11 15:03:51

Pre ordered item did not delivered as promised

This seller just offered many sets of wheels of diecast model in scale 1:64. They said that the delivery will be at the emd of March 2017. In April, they just informed that they will be manage the ordered items as soon as possible because of the seller is sick. Later in May, I was informed by her assistant that she travel to Indonesia to collect other diecast models(hotwheels, matchbox brands). Yet, the same reason were told to us, "She is sick out there". Unfortunely, until today, the seller magically dissappear without any update on their products. I hope she not MIA when carrying her mission(collect hotwheels and matchbox at Indonesia since the exchange rate there is low). God knows better.



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RM 50

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