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Posted on 2017-08-12 04:20:10

scammer from kedah

stumble upon seller (pic 0) on selling his collection of hotwheels for RM110. first contact with him on 21 december 2016. contact: 017-478 7714 (pic 1). made a deal with him on the item and item was successfully delivered on 22 december. and made another 2 deal (Jan 2017 - Feb 2017) successfully wihout any hiccups. on Feb 24th 2017, he contact me on whatsapp selling off one of his collection which i can't resist (pic 2) payment made (RM 30) on feb 25th (pic 3) and i've asked him if there anymore item he would like to sell in order to combine postage with earlier bought item. he showed me a couple of item he want to let go. When i asked about the price, he asked me to put on the price tag. after few days (i was busy with my newborn baby), we finally agreed on the price (RM110)(pic 5 ). payment made on March 10th and the problem start from here.(pic 6) March 11th : asked me whether to proceed for postage @ hold the item should i wanted to buy some more item. i've confirm with him to proceed with postage.(pic 7) March 17th : he contacted me saying he was busy and will post the item the next day. (pic 8) exchange chat with him on he wanted to let go more item, but i've declined. March 23rd : I contacted him to ask for the tracking number since no item received but no answer. (this time around my phone has problem and i have to switch phone). April 11th : seller contacted me apologising on the delay as he met with an accident. (Pic 10, pic 11) May 23rd : Text him asking on his health but no answer received until now August 10th



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